Get a thrill and win with Scratch Cards

Nothing can match the intrinsic thrill of the latest big name gaming genre available in online casinos and arcades – electronic scratch cards! These stunning releases are really catching people’s imagination, featuring animated cards with cool sounds, bonus options and seriously bright colours.

Although the thought of taking the tangible nature of scratch cards onto the web may seem a little strange – it really works! Thanks to the latest in hi-tech gaming software, the cards have a magnetic appeal, scratch technology and really do gives you the un-mistakable intrinsic buzz of revealing the prize-packed icons hiding beneath the now electronic foils!

What’s more – scratchies not only more than match the fun of normal cards – they’re also available with cool new features that blow traditional cards out of the way. For instance, if you’re a hardcore gamer, you can play the numbers game by selecting hundreds of cards per sessions – and play them instantly with auto-scratch options! Alternatively, sit back and chill out and scratch the cards one by one. Scratchies are always at your fingertips, cost as little as 0.01-0.10 and are the coolest credit crunching leisure option for the winter months.

Golden scratch payouts

Most scratch card destinations offer average payouts of at least 95%, meaning all regular gamers should strike some cool wins (if not, you seriously need a consultation with lady luck!) However, winning the mega jackpot is every gamer’s dream, and it is possible to get mega lucky with online scratchies – potentially scooping hundreds of thousands! If you manage to find the luck, your payout potential is calculated by combining your coin value and number by the win type, as illustrated below.

3 X Mega Win Icons =

1 coin = 1000 coin payback

2 coins = 2000 coin payback

3 coins = 3000 coin payback

3 x £5 = 15000.00 jackpot

3 x £20 = 60000.00 jackpot

Scratchie tips

Winning big with scratch card gaming can never be influenced by any real skill play – but playing with some logic and sensible bankroll management will instantly enhance your gaming and keep your gaming for longer – and you have to be in it to win it!

  • Decide on a weekly budget – cash you’ve reserved for leisure only!
  • Decide on a level stake card value
  • Divide your budget by the selected card value to define the number of weekly cards
  • Never increase your stakes/budget to try and recover from poor gaming!
  • Play regularly to boost your chances of striking it lucky

Online Scratch Cards

Now of course, there’s a new scratch card option – the online variety! These cutting-edge parlour games are seriously slick looking, contain animated features, cool sounds and amazingly fun themes. The latest online casino 888 technology has created a card that not only replicates the intrinsic rewards of classic scratch gaming – it’s enhanced it!

What’s more, online cards can be played from as little as 0.01, all the way to jackpot staking levels. They’re truly accessible 24/7, and are the perfect way to start your day with a cool surprise, take a break at work – or let off steam with a relaxing evening in.

Scratch for cash

The payout potential offered by electronic scratch cards is more than a match for classic scratchies – with regular low level rewards from ?1-?1000, plus mega jackpot levels that can change the lives of lucky gamers with hundreds of thousands in an instant. However, the value of your scratchie gaming, combined with the number of coins used also heavily influences how much you get per win. Take a look below for an example of a jackpot reward:

Thousands of gamers strike serious scratch cards wins every year in the UK, but how do they do it? The answer really is total luck and chance – they simply got lucky by clicking on the right online scratch card game! Apart from some gamble features on certain tickets, it’s impossible to change your scratch card fate, once you’ve chosen a game. Essentially, every card is pre-loaded with prize potential – you just need to find the right one!

However, there are a few scratchie tips that will boost your fun and keep you gaming for longer! Take a look and get searching for a hot card.
– Play a card value that suits your bankroll and increase stakes only when your bank grows bigger!
– Play lots of small scratch sessions per week, to keep you in the hunt for lucky tickets
– Play for leisure, with cash you’re happy to spend – that way you’ll always be happy!
– Never think you can chase losses with high value cards!
– Have fun, fun, fun!
Try a few online scratch cards with free sign-up bonuses, to get a feel for them and see if they’re a cool new gaming option to play on a regular basis.